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Odd Years

Friends and bandmates since they were kids, the members of Guelph's Odd Years have an obvious chemistry and an instinct for swaggering, richly harmonic, power-pop ditties that ripple with feel. Their years playing together has allowed them to hone their sound into something like their classic rock heroes: music that is classic yet inventive, familiar yet strange, accessible yet challenging. Their unique brand of hook-filled indie rock is bursting with pulsing melodies, cascading synths, and driving rhythms.

"fantastic, polished debut...pumped out by a rhythm section that punches like a middleweight contender. The guitar riffs chug and solos sound great. Oh, and those harmonies. God, those harmonies." (Bryan Acker, Hero Hill)



label: missedconnectionrecords(@)gmail.com

publicist: info(@)homebasepr.ca