Dan Edmonds

HAMILTON - Dan Edmonds’ first solo album, Ladies On The Corner, finds the former front man for Hamilton, Ontario roots rockers Harlan Pepper exploring many new facets of his songwriting. Relying on an often spontaneous, lo-fi approach on the record’s eight tracks, Edmonds re-establishes himself as one of Canada’s most dynamic young musical voices.

After laying down the basic tracks at his home studio, Edmonds shifted the scene to fellow Hamiltonian Sean Pearson’s Boxcar Sound Recording where additional guitars were added by Wayne Petti (Grey Lands, Cuff The Duke), bass by Tyler Belluz, and lap steel by Rich Burnett (Bry Webb). Edmonds likens the sessions to a gathering of friends more than anything else, in keeping with the loose vibes of the music.

Those vibes are at the forefront of tracks such as the infectious opener “To Be That Needle,” and the charmingly lo-fi “Yearning.” Elsewhere, Edmonds’ stream-of-consciousness lyrical approach is heard on “Love Can Be A Tunnel,” while the album also contains a novel re-interpretation of the folk standard “Goodnight Irene.”

As Edmonds and his new band prepare to tour again in earnest, Ladies On The Corner perfectly embodies the notion of new beginnings, with its rough-hewn musical exterior complementing Edmonds’ clear-eyed and evocative storytelling skills.


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“Ladies on the Corner, rocks a shaggy, slack-assed, electric-Beat-folkie vibe reminiscent of Lou Reed, Kurt Vile, the young Bob Dylan and fellow Grateful Dead admirer Cass McCombs, with a couple of rambles into mournful, distant-psych territory that evoke the late, great Galaxie 500 in its tenderest moments of Velvet Underground idolatry.”  Toronto Star (Ben Rayner)

"vocal and instrumental distortion throughout is warm rather than harsh, making the record feel like a found treasure, each song a chronicle of the past." Exclaim! Mag

“Distinct throwback vibe…” CBC Music

"whose solo career has quickly catapulted him to new heights with his brilliant debut,Ladies on the Corner." AUX.tv

“his vocals have a light-hearted, folksy – almost Bob Dylan – feel to them. The bass line feels like a Temptations song, and everything about “Love Can Be A Tunnel” is raw in a very vintage way. It definitely has its own je ne sais quoi.” Impose Magazine

“gritty, street-level folkie in the tradition of Bob Dylan and Lou Reed and maybe Armand Schaubroeck on the seedier and campier sides.” Chart Attack